Starting SPINRAZA/Dosing & Administration

SPINRAZA is given 3 times a year after an initial starting-dose period1

SPINRAZA is an intrathecal injection administered by, or under the direction of, healthcare professionals experienced in performing lumbar punctures. The recommended dosage is 12 mg (5 mL) per administration.


Treatment with SPINRAZA begins with 4 loading doses. The first 3 doses are administered at 14-day intervals. The fourth dose should be administered 30 days after the third dose. After the starting dose period, a dose should be administered once every 4 months.

an adult with later-onset SMA who is being treated with SPINRAZA

“I am happy I made the decision to get on SPINRAZA." —Nicole

Billing Code for SPINRAZA

The NDC for SPINRAZA is 64406-058-01

spinraza packaging

Did you know 14,000+ patients with SMA have been treated with SPINRAZA worldwide?2*

*Based on commercial patients, early access patients, and clinical trial participants through September 2023.